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Kubelog is currently in the open beta phase. Although it has been thoroughly tested, bugs may occur. Issues are tracked on GitHub here.

Version 0.1.4

Windows | macOS | Linux

Added support for http proxies. You can configure it via the kube config here

apiVersion: v1
kind: Config
- name: "Cluster-Name"
    proxy-url: http://proxy:port
    server: "https://..."

You can also set the proxy via environment variable

# Lower case works also

Version 0.1.3

Windows | macOS | Linux

  • New timeline view
    • View search results in the timeline view
    • Navigate to search results via the timeline view

Timeline view

Timeline view
  • Improved column menu layout
  • Added Keyboard shortcuts
    • ALT + S: Toggle saved searches view
    • ALT + C: Toggle namespace and cluster view
    • ALT + T: Toggle timeline view
    • ALT + D: Next tab
    • ALT + A: Previous tab
    • ALT + W: Close active tab

Version 0.1.2

Windows | macOS | Linux

  • Added tooltip for log view tabs with details for selected cluster, namespaces, pods and containers
    Log detail tooltip
  • Log view tab bar will now scroll horizontally if there is not enough space
  • New application icon
    Log detail tooltip

Version 0.1.1

Windows | macOS | Linux

The initial beta release