Answers to frequently asked questions.

Is it safe to use Kubelog?

Yes. Kubelog connects directly to your cluster's API server from your machine. Your cluster data, logs and connection settings will never leave your machine.

Do I need to install something on my cluster?

No. Kubelog does not require any custom server-side component. It's a GUI client that runs on your local machine and connects directly to your cluster's API Server, just like kubectl.

Can I use another kube config?

Yes, just set the environment variable KUBECONFIG to the path of your kube config


Can I connect via a http proxy?

Yes, kubelog uses the proxy-url setting of kube config

apiVersion: v1
kind: Config
- name: "Cluster-Name"
    proxy-url: http://proxy:port
    server: "https://..."

You can also set the proxy via environment variable

# Lower case works also

Do I need a license?

Kubelog is currently in beta and no license is required. Once the beta phase is over, it can be downloaded and tested for free, but a license must be purchased for continued use.

How much will a license cost?

The exact price has not been determined yet. But it will be a user-based license and will cost about 10 € - 30 € (one-time payment).